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Unlike many other insurance brands, Lloyd's is not a company; it's a market where members join together as syndicates to insure risk. When we talk of Lloyd’s, we’re really referring to two distinct parts. The market, which is made up of many independent businesses, and the Corporation of Lloyd’s, which is there – broadly speaking – to oversee that market. These parts are distinct, but far from independent. Both work closely to maintain high standards of performance across the market.

The Marketplace

The Lloyd’s market is home to 57 managing agents and 94 syndicates, which offer an unrivalled concentration of specialist underwriting expertise and talent. Business at Lloyd’s is still conducted face-to-face, and the bustling Underwriting Room is central to the smooth running of the market. The market structure encourages innovation, speed and better value, making it attractive to policyholders and participants alike. Immediate access to decision-makers means that answers on whether a risk can be placed are made quickly, enabling the broker to provide fast, good-value solutions.

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